The Benefits of Using DIY Natural Leaf Shine

Using DIY natural leaf shine formula made with ingredients like apple cider vinegar, biodegradable soap and olive oil can help your plants look shiny and healthy. It’s an affordable, non-toxic alternative to synthetic leaf shine products.

The Benefits of Using DIY Natural Leaf Shine

Plants are not only a great way to add life and character to any space, but they also bring many benefits. They release oxygen, promote calmness, purify the air and have been shown to reduce stress levels. However, sometimes plants can look dull and uninspired even though they’re healthy. One way to keep your plants looking their best is by using leaf shine.

Leaf shine products aim to give leaves an enhanced sheen that makes them appear healthier, cleaner, and more vibrant. But did you know that most store-bought leaf shine contains harsh chemicals that can harm both the plant’s health and the environment? Instead of buying these chemical-based products, why not try making your own DIY natural leaf shine?

Advantages of Using DIY Natural Leaf Shine Over Chemical-based Products


Homemade natural leaf shine recipes do not contain harsh chemicals like commercial ones do. Because of this, they are much safer for both your plants and the environment. By using eco-friendly alternatives in place of chemical-based products wherever possible, we can help protect our planet while keeping our plants thriving.


Most commercial leaf shines contain silicones or oils that clog plant stomata – critical pores for respiration -, which may result in stunted growth or disease symptoms; some are even flammable! On the other hand, natural remedies such as olive oil do not block stomata openings or cause any damage if it comes into contact with skin or eyes accidentally.

DIY Natural Leaf Shine vs. Store-bought Leaf Shine: Which is Better?


DIY natural leaf shines boast significant cost savings compared to store-bought solutions (which can be up to six times more expensive). Most ingredients needed for homemade recipes include everyday household items such as lemon juice and water.


Natural ingredients offer a blank canvas when it comes to customization. You can choose which recipe works best for your plant and its specific needs. This opens up a world of possibilities so that you’re not limited to what’s available on store shelves.

How DIY Natural Leaf Shine Helps Keep Your Plants Healthier

Enhances Photosynthesis

Leaf shine works by removing dust and debris from the surface of the leaves which creates a fuller, vibrant appearance in plants. By providing more light into the cells, photosynthesis’ vital process is improved as well.

Prevents Pests

Cleaning your plant’s leaves can also help keep pests at bay. Dust, grime, and dirt are breeding grounds for insects such as mites or mealybugs. By keeping your plant’s foliage clean, you significantly reduce their access to food sources they need to thrive.

Tips for Using DIY Natural Leaf Shine Effectively

Test on a Small Area First

Before applying any leaf shine product (even DIY), it’s always smart to test it out first on just one part of the plant. This way, if an adverse reaction occurs, you’re able to quickly respond without risking further damage.

Use Sparingly

It’s important not to over-apply any kind of leaf shine product because too much moisture can lead to issues such as mold growth or other problems.

The Types of DIY Natural Leaf Shine Recipes You Can Try

Olive Oil and Lemon Juice

This classic natural recipe calls only for mixing olive oil with lemon juice in equal parts.

Banana Peel and Water

Another option is boiling a banana peel in water then letting it cool before straining out just liquid solution. This recipe contains potassium which helps enhance the natural glossy look of healthy plants while still being eco-friendly.’

How to Make DIY Natural Leaf Shine

  • Olive oil
  • Lemon juice
  • Banana peels
  • Water
  • Spray bottle
  1. For olive oil and lemon juice recipe – mix both items in equal parts
  2. For banana peel leaf shine- boil the peels in water then strain out just the liquid
  3. Once you have your mixture, put it into a spray bottle
  4. It is best to use soon after making because if it sits too long, separation may occur
  5. Before application, shake the bottle well to combine any separated ingredients

Frequently Asked Questions About DIY Natural Leaf Shine

Is DIY natural leaf shine safe for all types of plants?

In general, most plants will be able to benefit from an occasional harmless misting with DIY natural leaf shine products like those mentioned earlier.

How often should I use DIY natural leaf shine?

Chances are you’ll only need to apply every so often when things look dull or dirty (maybe once a month). Most plants only require light cleaning now and then.

Can I apply DIY natural leaf shine to the underside of leaves?

It’s not necessary unless there’s a visible issue such as pests hiding underneath them. Just spraying down on top of the foliage should be enough to do the trick!

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